SKYBOX / Frequently asked questions for rental skybox

How do I add my partner or friend?

  • Go down to the office central area, find where your have your rental box.
  • Left click the rental box to get menu to add your co-tenant or friend.
  • After you click look at local chat and this will ask you to type name on local chat. (Be sure to type an official name given by SL, NOT any display or pseudo name. Do not enter dots or strange symbols. If the last name is Resident, it is not necessary to type it. It will add it automatically.)

How do I get a group tag?

  • Ask any staff. Teleport to the office and check which staff is online that can send you the group.
  • If there is no staff online leave message to owner or manager. They will send you the invite as soon as they log in.

How do I tp to my skybox?

  • Click the disk that is under your rental box. Use your left click, look at your local chat.
  • Click the local chat (nearby chat) to be able to click the link provided.

I am lost, can you tell me where to find my skybox?

  • Find a office and contact a staff to tell you where is your home location.

Why do my furniture and items returned to my lost and found?

This is because we have auto return on our lands. Therefore you must activate your Active Urban group. If you don't, it will return back to your inventory Lost and Found.

Why did my skybox disappear?

You over exceed your prims.

  • You will notice a huge huge columned appeared in the middle of your skybox, click it and this will tell you how many prims you are overtaking.
  • To fix this, remove the excess of prims. However, if you feel you didn't use that many prims, it will be that you lost something. Contact the owner of the land or manager for them to help you locate them or give you a list of your prims. That way you can locate them and take the lost item or just give permission to return all your prims. Remember if you give permission to return all your prims, you will receive all prims you have rezzed including your decorations inside your skybox.

Can I buy more prims?

Yes, you can buy more prims. Ask always the manager to help you on calculate. You will have to pay for the weeks also already rented. Prims are 2L$.

Example you want 20 prims and you have 2 weeks in your rental box :

20 x 2L$ x (2 weeks in your rental box ) = 80L$ to pay immediately
20 x 2L$ = 40L$ added to your rental box for next renew

How do I know how many prims I have?

Please click the white box on wall by the door or if you rented a land parcel step down by the rental box. Click the white box and from menu select COUNTERPRIMS

When you click counterprims it will give you information in local

▬► Prims Allowed : 45 prims
✿ Tenant : (Your name) ▬► Prims installed : 26 prims
✿ Cotenant : (Partner name) ▬► Prims installed : 0 prim

҉ Prims still available : 19 prims

If you are over taken prims then instead of 'Prims still available' it will say

▬► Prims Allowed : 45 prims
✿ Tenant : (Your name) ▬► Prims installed : 26 prims
✿ Cotenant : (Partner name) ▬► Prims installed : 27 prim

҉ Overtaking : 8 prims

Where is the radio located?

Your radio is located by the front door of your skybox, close to your teleport. Click the grey box on wall under the alarm system. Select Land Radio from drop down menu and then you get more menus with a list of radios. We are a capacity of 81 stations. If you don't hear a radio station you chose, click another station, sometimes internet radio stations go off the air and we are not in control of that.

Can I change the station ? I don't like this music!

Of course, just click the grey box by the front door of your skybox, close to your. Then click Land Radio button from the drop down menu. Then you see a few selections of music. For example if you want to hear Jazz, click 'Jazz' and then the following menu will give you a few stations to choose from. Some of these stations might not work due to the constant change from the actual radio station website. If you don't hear the station, click another choice.

My radio stopped the music, what happened?

If you are renting a skybox or a platform these are location in 'shared land' meaning that there are other skyboxes in the same land your is location. Radio is set for tenants to hear for 30 minutes intervals. Therefore every 30 minutes you should re-click or re-select a station. If you miss the time, try to click anyway and if is taken by another skybox this will show you a time on the menu to when re-click again.

Can I put my own music in my skybox?

No, sorry, our skyboxes are only for shared land radio. If you want to use your own music you can rent a land plot or house for rent. Renting a land you can place your own skybox above 500 sq m of your rental land.

Can I stream in my skybox?

No, sorry, our skyboxes are only for shared land radio. If you want to stream your music you can rent a land plot or house for rent. Renting a land you can place your own skybox above 500 sq m of your rental land.

When I click my radio says is controlled by another skybox

If you are renting one of our skyboxes there is a small possibility that your neighbor may have suddenly controlled your skybox. Skyboxes are in sharing land along with a few other skyboxes. This is a very low posibility that can happen since not everyone is in their skybox at the same time to play Second Life.

I don't like this music that is playing now

If you don't like the music that is playing now, click the grey box. From the drop down menu select Land Radio, read the next menu and select your favorite music and then select the station on that category you have selected. If you don't hear the radio, check your volume, preferences to be sure that is not you. Sometimes internet stations don't work and we cannot be in control of that.

Can I deed my tv?

You can deed your tv if you are renting only land parcels with our rental houses or just empty lots. Once you rent, just ask a staff to get you checked on the deeding role.

Why is my tv being returned to my inventory?

You need to activate our group, be sure you ask a staff to join it.

Why is my friend keeps getting ejected and is banned from sim?

If you think you added your friend and your friend has been ejected it means you misspelled the name using dots, or symbol such as / . Please read the instructions well. Remember dont add display names, only add SL official name. After you type correctly the name, ban is removed by alarm only in mode 'Eject All' if not ban is not removed

If you dont understant the alarm. You need to turn off alarm but please do this before you send your friend a teleport. Once the person has been ejected, it will also get banned from sim, therefore you must contact the owner or manager to unbanned.

Why can't I enter or tp in my home?

We are located in mainland of SL. Therefore Second Life usually do maintenance on Tuesday and Wednesday. if you cannot enter your skybox that could be why. Second Life is doing quick maintenance. Just give it a few minutes. If you notice that has been more than 30 minutes, IM a manager. A manager can contact a Linden via linden chat in support. Even you can do that, just ask for your sim to be restarted... Every help is welcome.

I would like to upgrade to a bigger skybox, can I transfer?

Sure you can transfer at any time. If a staff is online ask for help or feel free to visit our skyboxes. Normally an online staff will noticed you are visiting them and will offer help. If you find the skybox and we can do the transfer at that moment we will otherwise for the skybox to function you need to pay at least a week then notify us to transfer the rest and we will. There are many options for our residents at Active Urban Rentals from skyboxes, houses and land rentals. Skybox models, same for our houses. Land houses and houses with water view.

Where do I pay my rent again?

Just teleport back to your main central sim office where you rented the first time if you are renting a skybox. Click your teleport disk by door with left click and click the link provided. Click 'local chat' or 'nearby chat' button, that way you can use the link

Can a staff decorate my skybox?

We are very busy however staff if not obligated to do so. You can pay them an amount of their choice an hour to do it for you. However, staff works on shifts and they must report to work when online. They can do it when they have time in between their visitor tours if you are patient. But try and play with the texture hud yourself, it can be very fun for you.

Can we make our home a war zone with weapons, galaxy, RP police, army, ect.

Please discuss with us, however sure what you do in your home is in your privacy and fun and we respect that.

Are babies allowed?

Yes, sure, in Active Urban we love families. Just be aware of the prims you paid for. Some prim babies are up to 80. Zoobie babies are around 34 prims plus all your furniture.

Can I have pets?

Sure, feel free to use your prims to cover your pets. We prefer no big amount of breeding but a few breeding prims is no problem. You can have dogs, kitties, fairies, butterflies, ect. Not bigger than a horse. In skyboxes you can have no more than 3 horses, you can discuss that with us to decide at the moment better. Just be aware to change your set range to less than 5 if possible if you live on a skybox or it will go thru the walls.

Pets in attack mode will be returned after one warning. Pets should not go thru other's people houses. Be aware of that

Are there any community activities for the tenants?

No, sorry, not yet, but in the future while we expand and grow. We hope you keep renting with us.

How do I set my home to teleport straight to my home?

Just be sure you ask for group, activate, then go to World/set home here. (from your viewer)

How Private is my location?

Avatar privacy hides avatars and text chat from other parcels. You cannot see other residents outside the parcer and those outside are not able to see you.

However skyboxes are located 10 - 15 skyboxes around 120 sq m distance of each other. Skyboxes in parcel next to yours cannot see the avatar. Skyboxes on top or under your rented skybox have a limited chance that someone can look inside your box since avatar privacy land eye is only for skyboxes next to yours.