ALARM / Frequently asked questions for alarm

Do the house, land and skyboxes have alarm system?

Yes, Active Urban provides you good security system created by the owner of Active Urban. It is a very simple system to understand. The black box near the door of each skybox or house is the alarm system. The alarm system is set to 30 seconds. You cannot change this setting but if you rent on land, ask a staff. Once you have rented your apartment, the alarm will eject anybody except tenant, co-tenant and your white list.

How do I add a friend to my alarm system?

To add a friend to your alarm system

  • click the black box by the door of your rental then select from menu white list. After selecting white list click ADD from 2nd menu, then look in local chat for message:
    Rent Secure: 'Type the name of the person you want to add into white list. If more than one name type a comma after each name. (Please type only SL account name and not display name.)'
  • Here you type the name of your friend. DO NOT add display names, do not add names with dots or any other strange symbols
    No need to type the last name resident for those names containing this last name. It will add it automatically.
    Xylza Xue
    If you have several friends to add, use a comma after each name.
    Dyannia,Xylza Xue
    You will have 30 seconds to type a name or names if not you will get a message 'Too late, stopped listening' and you will have to start again

Mode Option: Will let you select Scan Only, Off, Black List, Eject All

  • Black List:
    This black list option you can add people you want to eject instantly. However, we recommend to use the Mode/Eject ALL because this will eject everyone that is not in white list.
    Black List is good if you are someone that enjoyes everyone into your place except a certain name.
  • Scan Only:
    Scan will only display the names of people close to your location
  • Eject All:
    Will eject anyone not listed in white list

Why is someone entering my home if my alarm is ON?

If you suddenly have someone in your apartment could be that this person's name probably still listed in your white list.

A stranger still in my home and won't leave.

Be sure your alarm is in Eject Mode, if it is, relog, maybe you are seeying a ghost with your viewer.

I clicked my alarm system but doesn't work, is not doing anything.

There are a few ways why your alarm "doesn't work" for you, check the following:

  • Be sure you are in the right skybox/house location and number
  • Be sure you paid your rent and you overlooked that your rent expired
  • Check your blocking window, you probably blocked the owner of the alarm by mistake. Check if the name Dollen McMillan is not in your unmute/blocking list (you can check Dollen's profile to check this also)